When should I start planning the hen party?

The easy answer here is as soon as possible! It is never too early to start planning the hen party, after all, it is almost as important as the wedding itself!

A hen party is when the bride to be gets to relax and really feel special surrounded by her fiends and loved ones. How often in your life do you get all your friends from each section of your life together to celebrate you – a hen party is usually the only opportunity! So many brides tell us that the hen, after their actual wedding, is one of the most memorable weekends of their lives!

No pressure then!!

When the wedding date is secured you can start speaking to the bride to be about her hen. Generally, the hen party takes place 6 weeks or so before the big day, but this is just a guideline. Once you have a date in mind the next step is to do a little research for some good hen party destinations and ideas.

There will be generally some items the bride to be will be interested in, and some things she definitely will not want, so allow her to set those parameters so you have a clear picture of her perfect hen party. You should check out our site for some inspiration and check out our ‘ready made hen packages’ where we have done the work for you.

Most hen parties book approximately 6 months in advance, but some as far as a year in advance. As you get closer the date accommodation and availability of activities may become limited, especially if you have a larger group, or are going for a very popular date or destination.

When you initially make the hen party booking you should give the number of invites you are sending out. It is understandable that as time goes on you will receive cancellations but better safe than sorry, it’s always a good idea to have ample accommodation space reserved just in case your bride happens to be very popular and everyone wants to go!

The more time you give yourself the more availability there will be and the more time you give your guests its easier for them to commit to going and save up for it if needs be.

So… as soon as you have decided what you want to do – book it!

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