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Toga Theme

Toga Theme is one of the most popular hen party themes

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Not only is Toga one of the oldest party themes, but it’s also one of the most popular for many party goers.

A Toga themed party is based on the Roman and Greek mythology.

Grab your hen girlies and set off on a night in white. It’s a party with plenty of drinking (like they did back in the ancient times), feasting on plenty of good food and enjoying some fun party games.

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What to Wear

The costume is typically a toga, which can easily be made of a white bed sheet, alternatively an inexpensive white sheet of fabric.

Throw on some strappy sandals paired, a gold belt and a head band and you are good to go.

You can order these as a costume here on Amazon.

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What to Eat

Well, if you like drinking wine, eating and being fed grapes and playing games, then a Toga themed party is for you!

A perfect occasion to get out the fruits, cheeses and wine. Yum!

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Extras to consider

  • Create an invitation in the form of a scroll and tie them up with a ribbon for extra effect using Canva.
  • Gold & White are a staple for a Toga Themed Ancient Greek Party, as well as purple which represented royalty and wealth.
  • Drape sheets over seating, or hang them on the wall or lay them on the floor
  • Create a nook full of fancy pillows and cushions for a cosy corner
  • Incorporate pillars, columns or statues
  • Gold candles or oil lamps
  • Soft classical music in the background or harp to give ancient time vibes
  • Artificial Gold Leaf Yarn
  • Gold Yarn Ribbon
  • Green Leaf Ribbon

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