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Disney Princess Theme

Disney Princess Theme is perfect for a Disney loving hen who believes in a fairytale ending!

Disney Princess Theme hen party costumes hen party ideas 3

Questioning how to plan a princess themed hen party? Bring the brides fairy-tale to life for the weekend with our top tips for the Disney Princess party!

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What to Wear

Are you a Belle, Snow White, Ariel? There is an array of costumes online or in shops when it comes to Disney. Alternatively, you can always go to JokeShop for some personalised Disney Bride Tribe Tank Tops or Tee’s. Make sure the bride has the prettiest Princess crown of them all.

If you’re more of a Minnie Mouse, pick up a black shirt, red shirt and some ears and jobs a good’un!

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Disney Princess Theme hen party costumes hen party ideas 2
Disney Princess Theme hen party food hen party ideas

Party Food & Décor

Set up a magical table for your hen party! Put a large gold frame around a blackboard for a diy sign.

Add some sweet treats to the table, the more colourful the better, pinks, blues, reds! Every colour of the rainbow and then some.

Cute cupcakes are a must! Poison apples for the Maleficent fans!

Confetti and glitter must fill the air, it wouldn’t be a pretty party if you’re not going home covered in glitter and smiles!

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Extras to consider

  • Create Invitations using Canva
  • Martini Glasses (these can hold drinks or sauces to pair with your food) Find these on Amazon
  • Lots of decoration options also here
  • Stiletto cake toppers
  • Furry oversized coats for over the dresses in the evening
  • Party games – you could test your groups knowledge of details, facts and popular quotes from the most memorable episodes.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Disney Princess Theme hen party drinks hen party ideas

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